About TFC

Providing Quality Logistics Services Since 1992

Our Mission


Top Flight Concepts provides high value shipping management solutions to clients of all sizes through its unique rate optimization software and honest freight rate negotiation, audit, and payment services.


TFC History

Top Flight Concepts started in 1992 as a local pickup and delivery carrier and evolved first into a freight payment/management company and later into a freight software provider. Our flagship TMS, TFConnect, has been in production since 2003 and now includes a suite of web sites, web services, and other freight software in addition to the TMS.


With over 20 years in the logistics business, TFC has developed excellent carrier relationships, giving our shippers access to deeply discounted freight rates.


In order to make these great freight rates available to the public, TFC has combined TFConnect’s powerful rate-shopping engine with this easy-to-use web site and is now proud to offer the TFConnect platform to both the public and our management customers.


1992 – Top Flight Concepts was founded as a local pickup and delivery company in Atlanta, GA.

1995 – TFC expanded into other logistics-related activity, such as warehousing, freight rate negotiations, and freight payment.

2001 – TFC merged with Growth Technologies, an innovative, Atlanta-based, software company, and began developing parcel and LTL auditing software for internal use.

2003 – The internal software platforms were transformed into TFConnect, a Windows-based TMS to be marketed to shippers and other logistics providers.

2007 – TFConnect expanded its interface to a browser-based shipping portal and created other tools for logistics providers servicing the retail freight shipping market.

2010 – TFC expanded its brokerage operation and began establishing rates with LTL carriers.

2011 – Freightrater.co was launched, and TFC began to expand its LTL offering to the retail market.

2013 – TFC launched its new web site, ShipTFC.com, combining the power of TFConnect with the pricing and experience obtained by Freightrater.co to create a new offering that can meet the needs of the full spectrum of shippers.