Freight Rate Negotiations


Freight rates are calculated in complex ways, and freight rate contracts are negotiated and configured separately for each carrier and business. To optimize your freight program, you need just the right mix of carriers, and it is important to know the strengths and weaknesses of each freight company. Top Flight Concepts has been negotiating rates with freight carriers for more than 20 years, and we are well acquainted with the landscape. We have longstanding relationships with representatives from numerous freight companies, and we have developed a strong reputation for integrity in our dealings. When you choose Top Flight Concepts to handle your freight rate negotiations, you are in the hands of respected experts with excellent credibility in the industry.


Getting started is easy and free. All you have to do is sign a Letter of Authorization giving us permission to speak to freight companies on your behalf. We will gather as much information from you as possible regarding your freight, packaging, lanes, volumes, and preferences before beginning our analysis. We will come back to you with recommendations and then begin making proposals to carriers. Once the new pricing is in place, you will have access to TFConnect, our powerful, easy-to-use TMS, so that you can shop your new rates on every shipment, print your own bills of lading, and even track your shipments from one convenient web site. The best thing about our freight rate negotiation services is that you pay nothing for the analysis, negotiations nor software. Our fee comes in the form of a small markup on each shipment you book on the new pricing, and we even handle the invoice audit and payment.


If you already have great freight rates and prefer to handle your own freight rate negotiations, Top Flight Concepts is still the perfect freight technology partner. TFConnect includes one of the most sophisticated and flexible freight rate calculators available, and we will help you input your freight rates and configure the software to return the right carriers for every shipment. As a freight rate negotiations consultant, we can help you analyze your shipment data and prepare whatever reports are required for your request for pricing. Top Flight Concepts offers a full spectrum of freight software and services, and we allow you to choose the level of engagement that makes sense for the needs and capabilities of your business.