Residential Shipping

Shipping to residences is easy when you partner with us

ShipTFC specializes in residential freight shipping from manufacturers, drop shippers, distributors and online retailers. With over thirty carriers that handle residential shipments, ShipTFC is well-known for delivering to your customer’s residence at the lowest price and the transit time of their choosing.


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Sending your goods with ShipTFC is easy! Plus, you the confidence of knowing your shipments will be handled by a team of professionals who are experts on residential freight shipping. ShipTFC’s website and support staff allows our customers to quickly identify any problems with the shipment. Be proactive in resolving any minor issues before they become major problems.


Your Customer’s Satisfaction Matters

It’s important to choose a transportation provider that will represent your company to the highest standards of ethics and service, especially with easy access to online review websites in our digital age. With ShipTFC, your customer has the option to specify a date of delivery from Monday through Friday and we even offer weekends at a premium cost. By entering in their email address, customers can receive their tracking information via email. This feature helps reduce your call volume from customers requesting tracking updates.


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For over 20 years, ShipTFC has been one of the nations most trusted residential freight shipping and delivery motor carrier. Please call 855.744.7832  or click here to Live Chat with us.