API Integration


Top Flight Concepts is a pioneer and leading provider of freight shipping API integration tools and services. We closely monitor trends in shipping technology, and we were one of the first freight software companies to embrace freight carrier API integration as the way of the future and incorporate it fully into our freight rate calculator. We are committed to the trend towards API integration, and our TFConnect TMS now offers one of the largest groups of LTL carriers supported for API integration.

TFConnect integrates directly with carrier API tools and web sites to retrieve accurate freight rates and transit times, track shipments, schedule pickup, and more.  One of the primary advantages of using API integration for calculating freight rates is quick and easy setup.

If you have multiple freight carrier accounts, TFConnect can be configured in minutes to return accurate rates and transit times through carrier API integration. When API integration is not available or ideal for your needs, TFConnect also includes a robust freight rate contract manager for calculating rates using SMC’s proven RateWare engine and published tariffs, such as CzarLite.
TFConnect’s rating engine is so advanced, you can even mix API integration and published tariffs in a single carrier rate profile.

TFConnect allows you, using shipping API integration, to add powerful freight tools to your ERP, e-Commerce platform, or other system.

Although shipping is an integral component of your business, we recognize that most companies have specialized systems for managing their core products and services, and those systems may not include robust features for managing freight shipments or estimating freight rates. At Top Flight Concepts, freight is our primary focus, and we make it easy for you to take advantage of our tools and services. With API integration, your personnel can shop freight rates, create bills of lading, schedule pickups, and track shipments without ever leaving your system’s screens.

With TFConnect and Top Flight Concepts as your freight partner, you can focus on your core business and let us help you make the best decisions when it comes to freight.